Highbridge Community Housing Development Fund Corporation focused on developing the Highbridge neighborhood. Upon expanding its role to a more active development firm throughout The Bronx HCDC now employs over 150 staff members to manage overall day to day activities and ongoing development.

our vision

HCDC coordinates services or programs with various agencies

​​The vision of what would evolve to be Highbridge Community Development Corporation began in 1984, when Father Donald Sakano, MSW, together with Jorge L. Batista, JD and others, initiated housing projects in the lower east side of Manhattan and East Harlem. HCDC began initially as a division of 

Our philosophy

HCDC has a deeply held philosophical commitment to providing quality affordable housing to those who so desperately need and deserve it. 

Highbridge community develoment corporation has deep roots in the community dating back to 1980's. 


Our staff

In order to be the best you need the best staff. At Highbridge we beleive that our staff is the pulse of our organization. 


Building in the inner city, however, requires more than just a desire to deliver a project to its future occupants. It requires respect, understanding and the ability to get the job done.

About Highbridge CDC

Highbridge Community Development Corporation’s management office is located at 1465 Nelson Avenue, in the Highbridge section in the Bronx. Through this office HCDC manages the full array of services and tenant related operations as well as financial management of its managed properties.