Safety and security of tenants, building and community is one of the top HCDC priorities
in ALL buildings it manages. HCDC maintains a 24 hour Central Monitoring Station (CMS)  with a security staff of four supervisors and 25 guards operating through three shifts per day. All security personnel 

are licensed through New York State licensing division and undergo annual in-service as well as periodic education 

In addition to responding to tenant concerns as well as roving building and grounds patrols, the CMS monitors live video streaming cameras in its buildings and also video records activity for future needs and analysis as they may be required. The CMS provides a direct communication line to tenants to report any safety and security situations or conditions that may be present in a building such as loitering, trespassers, emergency building issues, and non-standard business hours assistance or referrals. As part of ongoing safety and security services to our senior occupied buildings, annual fire safety drills are conducted. Fire safety concerns are reviewed as part of the daily roving patrols. Safety and security instruction for tenants is provided by guest speakers including NYPD and through periodic newsletters. 

All HCDC managed buildings are enrolled in the NYPD "Operations Clean Halls Program". This program requires buildings to be registered by the owner/managing agent through the local precinct. Tenants can contact 911 directly to report loitering, illegal activity, and other related concerns for individuals who are non-tenants of the specific premises. Tenants are also encouraged to contact CMS for on-site investigation, reporting and follow-up. Tenants are instructed about this procedure upon initial lease signing as well as signs that are prominently displayed on the building. 

Periodically, NYPD has requested and received copies of video from various HCDC buildings to assist in crime investigations as well as surveillance efforts. HCDC also supplies video when there is a concern of what may appear to be a criminal event or activity in an effort to alert and assist local police authorities of community concerns. HCDC has also worked with NYPD task forces, the local precinct, and other investigative 

teams to allow building and vacant apartment access for the purposes of providing stake out locations for monitoring and surveillance activities. 

HCDC is also a participant in the local Precinct Community Council and attends monthly meetings. HCDC also has participated in various task forces focused on drug and gang activity. 

Safety and Security